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Baby Goods Terminology






Adjustable foot rest

Extension of the seat on a Pram/Stroller  where child's legs or feet rest that can move up & down

Adjustable handle

Pram/Stroller Handle that the height or angle can be altered.

After market seating

Additional Vehicle Seats that are purchased and installed after buying the vehicle.

Anchor point

Metal application in vehicle that is for the child restraint tether attachment

Anchor position


Arm rests

Raised sides of pram/stroller/car seat/booster where a child can rest there arms.

Auto lock levers



Pram/Stroller - Made of either Mesh, Fabric or Metal and is under the seat. Used for carry items.



Sleeping bed for baby from newborn until 3 - 6mths of age depending on type of bassinette. Has a flat base. Can be made from cane or fabric.



Boot cover

Made from fabric, clips onto front of pram to cover babies legs. Only some prams come with these. 



Brake bar

Brake cable

Brake lever


Name of the Company that makes or imports a product.



Another word for pram

Bumper bar

Pram/Stroller bar that is in front of the child for them to hold onto when sitting upright.



Pram/Stroller. Another word for hood.


Car seat

Carry cot

Caster wheel

Small wheel on a shaft that can spin 360°.Usually found on High Chairs, Bassinette Stands, Bath Stands,etc



Child restraint

Child tray

Pram/Stroller - Flat tray in front of the child.

Child tray

Closing clip



Baby Goods - A group of products that have the same fabric pattern. All items in that collection match.


Sleeping bed for baby with 4 high sides usually made from wood. Usually accommodates a baby from newborn until child grows to big or cot.

Cross bar

Pram/Stroller - Metal bars underneath frame that cross over each other. Important part of structure.

Crotch Buckle

Crotch strap

Cup holder

Usually made from plastic or fabric that is attached to the handle or side arm of a pram / stroller.

Duel wheel

Dust cap

Extension strap

Five point harness

Pram/Stroller - Safety harness that has straps that go around the child's waist, over the shoulders & between the legs.

Folding arm

Folding Lock

Folding mechanism

Foot muff

Pram/Stroller - Soft fabric pram liner with harness slits and zip off top section to cover child's legs & torso.

Foot plate

Foot rest

Pram/Stroller - Solid foot rest that the child can rest their feet on while sitting.

Foot Rest Strap

Pram/Stroller - Foot rest that is made from flexible plastic type product that the child can rest their feet on while sitting.

Forward Facing


Front forks

Front wheel assembly

Handle bar/s

Pram/Stroller - The bar that the adult holds onto to push. Strollers have two separate handles.

Handle grip


Straps that are placed around child's shoulders, waist & crotch to hold them into the pram, car seat, high chair, etc. 

Hex lock

High chair

Chair designed for baby/child to sit in when eating.

High tensile bolts

High Tensile Bolts


Pram/Stroller - The cover over child's head to protect from the sun. 

Hood bow

Pram/Stroller - 

Hood stays

Hub caps